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Signs in Texas

My mom took a picture of this sign the other day on her way to the store.  I wonder what’s more disturbing.  The mis-spelling of liquor or DRIVE THRU TO GO liquor store.




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It’s someone you know

Looking through election ads in a U.S. small town paper today, I came across this.  My problems with this.

1. Hey, it’s someone you know!  (most pitiful reason to vote for someone)  Is there really nothing else to say about this guy?

2. “Full Time Constable”  What’s with the quotes?  Are we all pretending he’s going to be constable, but we all know it’s something else?  Very confused by this.


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Cowboy church

I almost didn’t put this here. For those of us who have lived in Texas, this ad is completely normal.  However, my non-Texas friends get a kick out of this so I put up the latest advertisement in the paper.  Yes, this is real.

A few years back, while on vacation, we saw the sign for Cowboy Church.  “Oh yes,” we said to each other.  “We’ve GOT to check this out.”

The service was held in an open barn, everyone wore cowboy hats and boots, a child was baptized in a horse trough, and there was a cow skull on the pulpit.   Thank you Cowboy Church, for giving me lots of comedy material for my friends here in Europe.

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