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Bruce Willis – children’s author?

I saw this book in a store last week.  My first thought was – “Bruce Willis wrote a children’s book?”

Took me 2 minutes until I realized that the book is by 2 authors with the last names of Bruce and Willis.

Don’t tell me the publishers didn’t notice that when they printed the cover.



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Evil Thomas the Train

On the topic of children’s books, we can’t let English books off the hook.  This is my favorite page in my son’s “Thomas the Train” book.  Nice and violent, just as it would be in real life if a train crashed through your living room.  See the terror in the family’s faces.  I would like to have been the illustrator for this book.

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More children’s books

A few years ago, I had a post about disturbing Swedish children’s books – https://boxcarheather.wordpress.com/2007/07/19/childrens-book/

It’s time to update that.  Here’s another gem from the same author that my son picked out at the library.  To be honest, kids love these books, and they are good, but I guess where I come from we don’t have so many books on bleeding and dying for children.  Translated, this book is called, “Who is dying?” I came up with a great idea to always buy them in a double pack with the “Who is bleeding?” book in the link above.


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