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Oh, I’m buying this for my husband.  ( 5 dollars!!)


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Bruce Willis – children’s author?

I saw this book in a store last week.  My first thought was – “Bruce Willis wrote a children’s book?”

Took me 2 minutes until I realized that the book is by 2 authors with the last names of Bruce and Willis.

Don’t tell me the publishers didn’t notice that when they printed the cover.



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This sausage frightens me

Ok, I’ll buy it.  Just don’t cut me!



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Just like mom!

I seriously hope their parents have better sunglasses than that.  I also don’t get this product.  It’s kids’ sunglasses.  The kids’  section isn’t full of ads for “shoes just like mom” or “pants just like dad wears!”

photo 2

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These are on my personal recommendations for apparel that Amazon thinks I would like.  Strangely, they are quite correct:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 11.55.21 AM

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The gift of the year

Cook a steak, wrap it up.  I’d be thrilled!


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