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Saving money on Christmas

Well I guess if you eliminate most of your family and friends you won’t have to buy as much.


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Oh, I’m buying this for my husband.  ( 5 dollars!!)


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Bruce Willis – children’s author?

I saw this book in a store last week.  My first thought was – “Bruce Willis wrote a children’s book?”

Took me 2 minutes until I realized that the book is by 2 authors with the last names of Bruce and Willis.

Don’t tell me the publishers didn’t notice that when they printed the cover.



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Thoughts of love on the toilet

This has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever.  I bought this toilet paper last week without looking at what it was.  “Love notes on toilet paper.”

Whose idea was this?!  “You mean everything to me…”  And now let me put this love note right where it belongs… FLUSH.


(Let me translate the Swedish:  It’s something like “Love made me stay.  Why go away when happiness is here and now?”    (Here in the toilet?)

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