Learning about Sweden

This is about the seventh Swedish class I’ve taken since I moved to
Sweden and already on day one, we were asked to read an article about Abba. Every class I’ve ever been in makes you read about Abba and Ikea.

On a side note, we also had to read intensely depressing poems from immigrants that have moved to Sweden. They really like to play up the whole Bergman and darkness vibe. I just wonder why they choose this for a class of immigrants. Are they trying to connect in some way and feel ashamed of their happy flower-wearing, herring-eating lifestyle? I’d really like to know who decides the reading selections in these textbooks. Probably another immigrant trying to warn everyone.



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2 responses to “Learning about Sweden

  1. From Singapore to France, it always seems to be the same.

  2. jimrsbjorklund

    Thev secret ofvSweden?…Hmm…Repressive Tolerance…!

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