I aplogise, but c’mon!

I’m sorry.  The Swedish newspaper DN is doing an article today saying that violence against the elderly should always be reported.  That’s great that they cover a story like that.  However….  my problem is the picture.  They obviously needed a photo to go along with the picture.  They could have chosen a picture of an old folk’s home, maybe a cane, empty chair with cane… the possibilities are endless.  But this photographer thought it would be more exciting with a set up shot.  I would have liked to been in on the setup for this photo.  “She’s going to hold up the bat.  Look scared!  More scared!  C’mon Granny!  Don’t you want to be in the paper?  Block your face… she’s going for your face!  Hands in the air!  ….  I’m sorry Rhonda, you’ll have to hold that bat a bit lower to fit in the picture…..Face to the right Granny!”

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.08.29 AM

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