Prescription for Plague

I don’t think I ever put this picture up on this site.  Last year I was at a pharmacy in town, waiting for my medicine when I looked up at the ceiling.  This pharmacy was built in 1898 and the inside is filled with intricate wood carvings.  Everything is wooden, just like it looked when it was built and there are elaborate paintings all over the ceiling.  I thought the picture on the ceiling was an odd choice.   Let’s put aside the fact that one person has snakes in their hair and the second person is terrified.  The part that got me was that you can see Death in the background.  What a lovely painting for all the sick people to stare at while they wait for their prescriptions.



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2 responses to “Prescription for Plague

  1. Wow…I don’t think I would like to stare at Death while waiting for my prescriptions either. It makes you wonder about the original purpose of the building back in 1898!

  2. It was probably still a pharmacy and the painting was more appropriate in the late 1800s. haha!

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