Dessert anyone?



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4 responses to “Dessert anyone?

  1. I’ve heard of frying Tweenkies! Arby’s has even added fried cheesecake bites. They sound wonderful, but wow, does anyone really need that much fat added to their fatty snack??

  2. I’ve never heard of any of those. I just wonder who would come up with the idea of frying Oreos? I thought about trying one, but just couldn’t see how it would possibly taste good.

  3. Britney

    Hey I’m not sure if you remember me but somehow I came across this xD. I’m Britney Castille Emma Fellers Grand daughter. … I used to talk to you and Måns through MSN I believe. I have been working very hard on learning swedish and gained some fasination with Sweden about a year ago. I want to visit so bad or even live there. If you wanna add me to msn you can:) I miss recieving pictures and stuff. I been thinking of you and him and then all of a sudden I’m searching swedish names and I was brought to your online vacation album thing.

  4. Hi Britney! It’s great to hear from you. How are you doing? That’s wonderful to hear that you are learning some Swedish. You know you are welcome to visit us anytime.
    We are on vacation in Texas right now, but are flying back on Friday, so I will log into messenger next week and try to find you.

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