Quit messing with my mind!!

The apartment complex posted this sign on our entryway last week. It’s about spring cleaning in the area. It’s really bugging me. For those who can’t read Swedish, the dates on it read…

TUESDAY, April 11

and WEDNESDAY, April 12


For those who don’t understand the problem….. today is Wednesday, April 11.

And our complex loves to post angry letters when no one shows up for events, so I expect to see a new sign soon.


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4 responses to “Quit messing with my mind!!

  1. Well, our streets were sweeped today when I left for work, but I don’t know if they did it yesterday on Tueday the 10th or this morning on Wednesday the 11th and now I’m confused…

  2. They swept yesterday.
    I even checked the bottom of the note to see if they were lazy and just re-used the ones from the year before, but it said 2007 at the bottom. I’m sure there will be many angry old people at the next meeting. 🙂

  3. That is crazy! But even worse is the timing? Do they actually expect people to take a day off work to clean the apartment complex? What is it with Swedes and scheduling things during the work day!

  4. She probably does. I think the lady who puts up these bulletins has nothing else to do with her life. She’s the one who made the entire complex go to “trash school” last year just to get our keys to the trash room.

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