We sell Barf!

How lucky for us that our local pet store sells barf. Just what we needed.

barfpic1.jpg barf2.jpg


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4 responses to “We sell Barf!

  1. I’m sure that BARF is something dogs love. I mean, they eat poo and dead animals. Why not BARF?

  2. They must make quite a profit on that. Pretty low cost to manufacture.

  3. Actually saw a bird eating some barf the other day. 😉 Although this ad makes me want to stand outside the pet store and undercut their prices. LOL!

  4. A while ago, I was thinking about going to the grocery store and I got this sick feeling. When I tried to figure out why the grocery store gave me a sick feeling, I remembered that the “We sell Barf” sign is right across from it.

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