Cow-poo chocolates. This really isn’t very appetizing but my son would think it’s great.


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10 responses to “Chocolate?

  1. Yes, it is quite wonderful.

    In the 90’s (I think) we had a whole series of nasty candy from Denmark, like “dirty diapers”, “boogers” and “crow’s vomit”.

  2. I think if I had those around the house, that might stop my candy craving.

  3. LOL! Actually we brought the kid back some Donkey Ear Wax from Amsterdam.

    Heather, do you remember those trash can shaped containers of candy when we were younger? They had candies in them shaped like fish bones and stuff? I found those in Amsterdam too. Had to buy them for nostalgias sake! 😉

  4. Yes, I do remember those! And how wonderful that it’s a worldwide thing. 🙂

  5. Diana

    Funny- looks like the cows are kinda happy that they poo’d. Look at those tails! Yeah- why do they market the disgusting candy to kids? Garbage pail kids, gooey candy with prizes in the middle, and real disgusting sounding flavors…. hmm… and they wonder why kids are odd!

    (of course, we won’t talk about some of the odd Thai and Asian food I eat either. 🙂 )

  6. They eat rotted fish here in August, so I guess I would rather have cow-poo candy than that. 🙂

  7. YAY! Heather has a blog!

    And I remember those trash can candies too! I totally forgot about those. I think I used to like them LOL

  8. I’m starting to catch up with everyone else now. This will be a challenge to see if I can come up with interesting new signs and ads each day.

  9. I can loan you a couple if you run out. I have the “We love boobs” from Lindex and the mouse on a tampon ad. HA!

  10. Hey, you’re getting ahead of me! Mouse on a tampon is tomorrow’s post! 🙂

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